July 21, 2017

The Great Migration

This incredible phenomenon, one of the wonders of the world, where millions of wildebeests (with some zebras and gazelles) move between Tanzania and Kenya in search for food – was something we were not expecting see.

We knew we would see some huge herds here and there since the movement had already begun, but had zero expectations when it came to seeing the most crucial part of the movement – the river crossing.

But, our lucky streak continued. On the 4th day, we went to one of the crossing points (There are a certain no. of marked areas where the wildebeests collect to cross). Even reaching that point was incredible – must’ve crossed thousands and thousands of wildebeests on our way, with little herds of Zebras among them (Actually called a “dazzle” of zebras). It was pretty hilarious watching the wildebeests run, with one “guard” trying to keep them in line.

We got to one of the main points, saw that the animals (some hundreds of them) had started collecting at the river bank and were creating ‘pressure’ before the first BRAVE one got in. Unfortunately, on the other side, there were 5-6 hyenas feasting on an old carcass  – That made the herds disperse, and we had to wait for a couple of hours before they actually found the courage to start crossing.

A LOT of things happened next and I cannot put that down here for many reasons – most importantly, we might just get into trouble! So, this story is going to be censored and will remain our secret little adventure.

But the feeling – their panicked voices, the UTTER CHAOS, absolute confusion, my throbbing migraine while watching the crocs go underwater again and again (they were too lazy and full and didn’t get anything though), our hearts in our mouth – it was absolute MADNESS. A warped and crazy version of an adrenaline rush for us! Their horrified, scared voices kept ringing in my ears for the next couple of hours.

These image don’t quite catch the commotion, which is why I NEED TO GO BACK FOR THIS AGAIN AND AGAIN!

One of the most extraordinary experiences ever.

Backing this story up with the “Stampede” soundtrack from Lion King. Hans Zimmer, you genius :’)

“Look Sire, they’re on the move.”

The break of dawn. Getting closer and closer to the river. Just THOUSANDS of wildebeests, everwhere we looked.

Literally, everywhere.

The first rays.

Reached the crossing points and found these bunch of adorable hippos! Also happens to be the deadliest animal in Africa!

The only one we EVER saw outside water! Quickly ran away into the bushes.

These Zebras had already crossed and like us, were waiting for the others. After a while they all came down to the bank, cautiously drinking water – trying to show their family on the other side that the coast was clear. But it really wasn’t – Can you spot the Croc in the river?

Ugh, I love it when B/w photos aren’t really B/w!

And then suddenly, the movement begins…

And everything turns brown!!! Absolute chaos.

And there they go!!!!!


Luckily, after a while, the crocs came out and were sunbathing! Looked like they were already done with their breakfast.

The last line.


Our hearts cried for this little one. The last one in the herd, screaming and panicking as he couldn’t get out of the water – with a croc right behind him. His mother stayed back and guided him out! Took some 10 minutes – very scary 10 minutes!

Can never forget this feeling.


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