July 12, 2017

The Honeymooners

By the 4th day (still had around 10 game drives left!), we had seen everything we wanted to – infact, a lot more than we had imagined. After witnessing the Great Migration in the morning, we were too overwhelmed through the day and couldn’t get over what we had seen. In the afternoon, our guide, Meshack, turned to us and said – “now what do you want to see?”. Really didn’t have an answer to that! So, he suggested that we go back to these Lions that we had spotted in the morning and photograph them in the rain.

It was mating season , and we saw couples (EVERYDAY) that had separated from their prides and were celebrating their honeymoons. This particular couple didn’t move from this area for atleast 2 days – and we kept crossing them on our way back to our camp! Mostly asleep, they would get up every few hours, do the deed, yawn a few times and then go back to slumberland.

It was pretty amazing how this Lion was particularly protective of his Lioness and would watch her every move, while she seemed quite relaxed. But this evening was too special – Mother Nature had given me the PERFECT set.

Perfect lighting, perfect sunset, pouring rain, STUNNING ‘models’ in just the perfect location, and some … romance.

Adding another Lion King classic to this – How could I not? This is the non-animated version of “Can you Feel the Love Tonight”!

Too beautiful to censor!

Hubby doesn’t seem too happy anymore…

Coordinated yawning too…

Time for us to go… Goodnight lovers.



  • Varun Suresh July 13, 2017


  • Henning July 13, 2017

    Hi Ishita, really amazingly beautiful pictures! Front page quality! I wonder how close did you get? Which lenses did you use for the headshots?

  • ishitasingh1311 July 13, 2017

    Thank you! 🙂

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