August 29, 2018

The Mara Playground

It’s been more than a year to the Kenya trip, but the memories remain fresh as ever.

Every day was different, every game drive was different, every experience was different and just so special. I can never pick a favourite day or a favourite moment!

We used to see a lot of different prides of lions everyday, but most of the times the cubs were sleeping in the bushes. But, these two mornings were extra special. The cubs were out, active and super playful! On the first morning, there were two Mamas, sitting far away but always keeping an eye on their babies – while the little ones ran around, jumping on each other, acting out hunts! It was so hard to not get off the car and join them!

On the second day, we caught up with a different pride – and spent the entire morning, just watching them play! It was incredible – babies and mothers across all species ARE JUST THE SAME! This time we had 3 Mamas and a big bunch of cubs, all playing together – for ATLEAST 2 hours! The Lionesses were just as involved in the playtime as the cubs – but, always alert, looking around every few minutes. Eventually, around mid-day, the Mamas decided it was time to leave for their naptime, and started rounding up their reluctant kids! So typical! I think I caught one giving her cub the death stare too!

All in all, it was just the perfect morning game drive, and a beautiful end to our stay at The Lion Camp in Olare Motorogi Conservancy!

Accompanied with the classic “Just Can’t Wait To Be King” from the Lion King. Because, obviously.


Cosying up to Mama in the morning!

Look at those wide, beautiful, curious eyes!

Brothers! One of them entering his “teens”

“*peep peep* truck backing up”


“ok ok I was kidding… don’t be mad”


Pride 2: Mama glaring at us, all alert.

The Lionesses eyes were always up…

… and there they start. Absolutely carefree…

“You distract her in the front, I’ll get her from the back!”

Ugh, mere baal mere baaaaal mat kheecho!

But mothers are mothers … unconditional love.

Keeping this one down with her paws, in such a non-chalant way..

Mummy no. 2

Pakad liyaaa

K.O !

Umm, you’re rolling in poop, my friend…

To our surprise, the Lionesses were playing with EACH OTHER! Minus the kids! I had never ever seen this before!!

The three Mamas having their own fun!!

… while the little ones were busy themselves

Ah catch me if you can! 🙂


Okay…. it’s time to go…

Come along, kids!

“Mummy please, 5 more minutes?”

I SAID, ITS TIME TO GO!!! *death stare*

One last pose for us!





  • Saumya August 31, 2018

    Absolute treat looking at these pictures! Completed the compilation perfectly with the song <3 You are an extremely talented photographer and you're doing a great service to us all by sharing your work <3

  • Yasmin Javeri Krishan September 1, 2018

    Fantastic pictures… A visual delight!!

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