March 26, 2019


The first couple of days in Spiti were spent acclimatising and quite honestly, just chillin’ at our base in Kaza, Tsering’s beautiful home. The 2nd and 3rd day was mostly spent indoors due to a 24-hour long snowstorm, but games, conversation and jam sessions kept our spirits high! We lucked out as we had some incredible company – some of India’s finest climbers, a scholar who also happened to be an amazing musician, our own bunch of adventurers from Bazpur, and ofcourse, Tsering and his lovely family.

The following images are before and after we went looking for the leopard – exploring the accessible bits of Spiti.

Guaranteed (Instrumental) by Eddie Vedder

“Don’t come closer or I’ll have to go
Holding me like gravity are places that pull”

Eddie Vedder

Thanks to our climbers, we were able to see this grand waterfall that they had scouted to climb. What an unreal place.

Rana and his Beast!

The storm’s coming.

Whiter and Grey-er

During the snowstorm, we were all huddled up indoors – warm and comfortable thanks to the luxurious bukharis in every room!

What a view to wake up to.

On the 3rd day, the sun was out – causing many avalanches across the valley. This particular one was right next to Sakya Homestay – but the PWD got to it right in the morning!

All 14-15 of us living at Sakya Homestay headed out to Sakya Abode to help out in clearing the roofs!

Every time one stepped out on the streets, 2 or 3 dogs would come and greet us, waiting for some cuddles. Some of the smartest, strongest and most loving dogs ever!

After shovelling the snow down the roof, it was jumping time!

Kunphen Monastery
Even prettier in the snow!
And the avalanche was cleared out by the afternoon!
Noone can get bored with these two around! Chin-chin and Bruno! Miss these cuties!
What a crazy little cutie pie, this one!
Like a painting!
Down by the river.
Rangrik Bridge


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  • Prerna April 4, 2019

    What gorgeous pictures Ishita! Takes me right back to the wonderland!

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